Our Vision, Purpose and Values


Sharing culture and song

We provide a shared experience of singing and choral music for Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal Australians. Together we make a place that connects us to each other, to Country, and to the love of music in a way that finds common ground and heals.


Creating meeting places to share story, language and song

Listening to Aboriginal voices, song, language and story is at the heart of our workshops and events.

Using singing as a connector and healer

Sharing songs, translating songs, identifying songs, teaching old and new songs – and singing them together.

Creating spaces full of song, laughter, conversation and learning.

Building a stronger community for everyone

Recognising and valuing local Aboriginal culture and people.

Increasing skills locally – in organisation, teaching, singing, and leading – in the communities we work in.

Supporting non-Aboriginal Australians to learn and understand about Aboriginal culture and history.

Providing a kickstart toward more positive community relationships and initiatives.


Engagement and Collaboration


  • Consult with elders and community representatives
  • Are responsive and open to change
  • Allow space and time
  • Make decisions and take action together

Because we believe critical decisions should enjoy ownership and be localised to community. 

Comfort and Safety


  • Bring people together, creating and holding safe spaces
  • Provide orientation
  • Provide opportunities for and encourage respectful participation
  • Allow for individuality
  • Enable contribution in various ways
  • Create humour

Because we believe that all participants should feel welcome, comfortable and safe.

Our Events

Big Sing in the Desert

Alice Springs, NT

Big Sing by the Sea

Forster, NSW

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Vision, Purpose and Values

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